Paddy Murphy on the Transfăgărășan Highway
In 2010, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May headed off to Romania in search of the unpronounceable Transfăgărăşan Highway (Top Gear Series 14, Episode 1). Jeremy proclaimed afterwards that the Transfăgărășan is "the best road in the world". Since then Paddy wanted to drive this magnificent road and see for himself if that's truly the case. This September, his dream came true: Paddy the driver drove all the way to Romania and back - sadly without Paddy the Navigator. Paddy had to work with a soulless computer in his Audi S3 instead.
Navigator on the Back Seat

Navigator on the Back Seat

Sunday, 20 Aug 2017
"You'll navigate. I'll be in the back", said Paddy the Navigator to Paddy, the Propaganda Minister. This is highly unusual. But, you see, Paddy is testing a theory. Because of their constant quest for challenges and the challenges running out, Team Paddy Murphy has to resort to the ultimate measure: Making their own challenges.

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Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

The thing about Irish roads is that you'll never know what comes next after a hill or a bend. Just close your eyes, come and rely on the luck o' the Irish.Paddy Murphy, 2012