Strade del Vino 2015

Rally Strade del Vino 2015 ‐ #TitleDefense

Rally Strade del Vino 2015 ‐ #TitleDefense

Published on 21 October 2015 ‐ Duration: 10:50

The film starts at a toll station on the Autostrada A26 near Alessandria. The music in the background is the song The Boys In Green by Dublin City Ramblers. They performed this song for Ireland's world cup 1990 in Italy. And it fits perfectly for Team Paddy Murphy at a rally in Piedmont. The film shows nice roads in Piedmont and as you can see Paddy enjoyed driving there. The chapter The Hunt for Porsche 911 is about a trial of strength between Henry and a 1977 Porsche 911 Targa. Three days long they chased each other, and the duel is not settled for good. On Day 2, after an unsatisfying result in a regularity near the hotel, Paddy headed to a petrol station to fill up Henry. The road was small and other cars were waiting to start their regularity run. Paddy had to drive into a ditch beside the road to give way for the others. For once, Paddy was able to get out all by himself. Villa Botteri was written on a well hidden sign ‐ well, it was possible to spot it on closer inspection ‐ during the course on Day 01. Most of the team missed that sign and drove into a wrong direction. Team Paddy Murphy spotted the sign, because for once, they drove slowly and cautiously, and therefore headed into the right direction. They started the race as 18th car and were the first to arrive at a regularity checkpoint later on. By the way, the film is named #TitleDefense because Team Paddy Murphy won the rally already in 2014 and before the 2015 edition started Paddy used this as a hash tag in a tweet on the evening before the prologue. As it happened it was a good omen.

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