Paddy at Coppa d'Europa 2022

Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

Team Paddy Murphy achieved the best Coppa result up to now by finishing in 17th place out of 43 classified participants. The Coppa d'Europa 2022 started in Vlodrop and led through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic to Linz in Austria. As usual, it was three days of madness and it was great fun. After an incredibly good day 1, Paddy slightly lost ground and ended up in 17th place. The first 16 received a trophy. Well, Paddy will be back on the attack next year!

During the event Paddy wrote a series of tweets and here is a collection of them (some typos are fixed) - see all of them on Twitter.

We‘re ready to start, early in the morn…

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 6:41 AM - Jun 23, 2022

Holly shit, 11th place after day 1! Must be a software error

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 6:28 AM - Jun 24, 2022

Different "desks" than usual, but at least that hard and that much fun

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 6:41 AM - Jun 23, 2022

Short rest for the beauties (and crews)

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 4:07 PM - Jun 24, 2022

Approaching the Czech border

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 9:50 AM - Jun 25, 2022

Lighter forest, better weather, still chasing after timing like mad men

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 3:33 PM - Jun 25, 2022

Henry, El Scorpion, and Manitou made it to the finishline of the #CoppadEuropa 2022 ! Henry goes to sleep, El Scorpion and Manitou for beers. Cheers!

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 7:13 PM - Jun 25, 2022

End results are in, Team Paddy Murphy reaches the 17th place of 43 participants. This is a personal best. However, we should collect more controls and tweet less next year.

@TeamPaddyMurphy, 9:13 PM - Jun 25, 2022

Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

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