Team Paddy Murphy (TPM) was founded 2012 in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland, and is based in Winterthur, Switzerland. TPM got its name from an Irishman as he gave the boys a piece of advice: «You're Swiss? Ah Paddy, you're fecked! you're so done! Go change your name, call yerself Paddy Murphy!». The first two years Team Paddy Murphy drove around Irish and Swiss mountain roads without joining any official contest. During their tours, they picked up basic navigation skills and a behaviour pattern of a (classic car) rally team ‐ something that they didn't realize at that time.

Team Paddy Murphy got the chance to join a classic car rally in Piedmont with a Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider in May 2014 . Team Paddy Murphy's propaganda minister designed the team's badge around three weeks before they went to Italy ‐ too short to get nice shirts. It was the team's first rally and they didn't really know what they're doing ‐ but as it turns out they were brilliant at it. They rose to the challenge as well as a mild hangover every day and at the end they succeeded and won their first rally. In August 2014 Team Paddy Murphy bought its own classic car ‐ a Ford Capri 2.3 (nickname Henry). The first time the team drove its new car in a race, they emerged victorious as the winner of rally Strade del Vino 2015. Paddy Murphy attended another rally in July 2015 and finished as 43rd of 74 teams ‐ their flawless record tarnished forever.



Place 16 at Internationale Ambassador Club Classic Trophy 2023
3rd Place Sanduhr at AvD-Histo-Tour 2023
Place 29 at Coppa d'Europa 2023 (category CoppaSport)


Place 11 and 2nd Place Sanduhr at AvD-Histo-Tour 2022
Place 17 at Coppa d'Europa 2022 (category CoppaSport)


Place 25 at Charity Classics 2019
Place 30 at Coppa d'Europa 2019 (category CoppaSport)


2nd Place at Charity Classics 2017
Place 43 at Coppa d'Europa 2017 (category CoppaSport)


Winner of Rally Strade del Vino 2016
Place 34 at Coppa d'Europa 2016 (category CoppaSport)


Place 43 at Charity Classics 2015
Winner of Rally Strade del Vino 2015


Winner of Rally Strade del Vino 2014

Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

The nicest thing an Irish said to me: You're Swiss? Ah Paddy, you're fecked! You're so done! Go change your name, call yerself Paddy Murphy!Paddy Murphy, 2012