TPM Night Flight Challenge - Alternative Route

After the analysis of the last TPM Night Flight Paddy thought it would be a wise choice to replace "boring" passes with long transfer distances with other passes in Italy and Switzerland. So the route was modified and the passes Umbrail, Fuorn, Albula, and Julier were replaced. The newcomer passes were Foscagno, Eira, Livigno, and Bernina. Ambitious, but rubbish.

TPM Night Flight Challenge Revisited

Paddy didn't drive many mountain passes lately - but when he drives over passes, then 15 in a row. Paddy crossed 15 alpine passes within 11.5 hours and drove 700km through one night in June 2015. Now, 5 years later Paddy is older and wiser… and he‘s going to do the very same thing again!

Paddy Murphy Is Back

Paddy Murphy Is Back

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020

Paddy is back! Since Paddy will stay at home this spring he used the time to redesign the website and write this little review. A lot has happened since the last update in November 2017. We are still waiting for the first film from Navigator about the third triumph of Team Paddy Murphy at Strade del Vino 2016. When Driver last asked Navigator about his ongoing project, Navigator promised the film would be wounderful and it would revolutionize the genre of classic car film as Duke Nukem Forever did the gaming industry.

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Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

Driving your car into a ditch is not a goal ‐ it's an experience you'll make sooner or later.Paddy Murphy, 2013