Driving Swiss Roads: S02E02 - Bernina and Fluela Pass

The early driver gets snow on mountain roads, says an old proverb. Might have been something with birds and worms, too, but Paddy does not eat worms. Paddy started driving mountain roads as soon they were open. The people of canton Grisons did a good job and so was no snow on the road (sadly).

Driving Swiss Roads: S02E01 - Julier and Maloja Pass

The Julier and Maloja Passes are both open in winter because they are important links between valleys in Switzerland and Italy. However, that implies all sort of traffic uses those roads such as lorries or buses. And to make matters worse, the Maloja Pass has twisted and blind curves. So there is a good chance to meet a bus and a lorry in a curve without warning.

Driving Irish Roads: S01E04 - Torr Road and Ballintoy

Torr Road connects the two villages Cushendun and Ballyvoy in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland (see on map). Paddy drove a great number of roads in his life, among them famous Swiss mountain roads, but he won't forget Torr Road. He has taken her to his heart. This road has nearly everything: sharp corners, straights, up and downs, a magnificent view and sheep... in short Torr Road is fucking brilliant!

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