Driving Irish Roads Again: S03E03 - Contae Dhún na nGall

HO-HO-HO... Santa Claus is coming to town soon and so is the third episode. This episode is all about County Donegal (Contae Dhún na nGall) and under the slogan "Up here it's different". County Donegal is one of Paddy's favourite places. He loves to drive around there, narrow and bendy roads without traffic.

Driving Irish Roads Again: S03E02 - Malin Head

Christmas season is Paddy Murphy season! Paddy enjoyed a superb countryside and surprisingly nice weather on Inis Eoghain instead of driving through snow and ice. Paddy enjoyed it so much that he was eager to try out new things. Traditionally Paddy places his camera on an engine bonnet, searches precisely for the right spot and then never changes it again. But not this time. He placed his GoPro on the driver's door and pointing backwards on the car's boot.

Driving Irish Roads Again: S03E01 - Antrim Coast

Finally, the first episode of season 3 is out - good things come to those who wait! This seasons intro shows the road L1472 (R254) near Chur Hill in County Donegal. This particular road is famous for its trees, which tend to grow right into that road *cough*. Anyway, Paddy disproves four lessons about travel in Ireland: First, people in continental Europe often complain/joke about bad weather in Ireland. Well...

Driving Irish Roads Again: Trailer Season 03

Good news everyone! Paddy Murphy has visited Ireland again - obviously he survived this journey too. But did Paddy learn anything from last time? Can he maybe escape his fate - either drunk under a table in a pub or in another lush meadow where the best car in automotive history, past, present and future fails him once more? Season 3 of Paddy Murphy on Tour is coming soon!

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