Driving Swiss Roads: S02E04 - San Bernardino and St. Gotthard Pass

The similarity between the San Bernardino and St. Gotthard Passes is that both mountains can be circumvented using major traffic tunnels. But nobody in his right mind would prefer a tunnel over a mountain pass road! Some say there is an alien base hidden in plain sight on the summit of San Bernardino, but who believes in ghost stories these days anyway.

Driving Swiss Roads: S02E02 - Bernina and Fluela Pass

The early driver gets snow on mountain roads, says an old proverb. Might have been something with birds and worms, too, but Paddy does not eat worms. Paddy started driving mountain roads as soon they were open. The people of canton Grisons did a good job and so was no snow on the road (sadly).

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The nicest thing an Irish said to me: You're Swiss? Ah Paddy, you're fecked! You're so done! Go change your name, call yerself Paddy Murphy!Paddy Murphy, 2012