PMOT - The Beginning

PMOT - The Beginning

Sunday, 29 Jul 2012

The saga of Paddy Murphy started on a rainy day in June 2010. Five lads drove on Irish roads, their equipment was non-professional and nobody knew nothing about HTML5 and video encoding at that time, even the source format was wmv (sic!) - ambitious but rubbish.

Driving Swiss Roads: S02E06 - Nufenen and Klausen Pass

Both mountain passes, Nufenen and Klausen, are favourites of Paddy. Even though these are two completely different to drive. Nufenen has a wide road, starts with long curves (from South) and has a few serpentines - a nice road for a VW Scirocco.

Driving Swiss Roads: S02E05 - Grimsel and Susten Pass

If someone asks Paddy Murphy what the best way from Bellinzona to Glarus would be, he will answer: Nufenen - Grimsel - Susten - Klausen. This episode shows two of those mountain roads. Grimsel Pass is like a motorway over the mountain, when you start in Gletsch, wide road, some serpentines and long, straight tracks.

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