Driving Irish Roads: S01E01 - County Clare and The Burren

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012

In this first episode Paddy tells you everything you have to know about driving on Irish roads (and more). Some say traffic signs are sort of a recommendation - but be careful! Paddy heard from a friend that the Irish have a database for foreign traffic offenders.

Irish road signs

Paddy "Driver" Murphy and Paddy "Navigator" Murphy met Paddy "Chef" Murphy in Doolin, County Clare and The Chef had a lot of maps of County Clare and The Burren. A deserted village was marked on one of those and Paddy decided to visit that place. Sure, what could possibly go wrong...

The famous map

Well, Paddy knew about Murphy's law, however that knowledge did not protect him. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. - Paddy was driving a Renault Clio, The Chef called this car Renault Clitoris, because he taught that this is a pussy wagon (and he was right). - At the beginning it was not that bad. The road was steep, had a few stones, but not a real problem for Paddy.

Road to the village

But then the road became muddy and on top of hill Paddy stopped. He had to drive downhill and up on the next hill. The Navigator asked if The Driver would be able to do that. - Sure, how hard can it be...

On the way in the meadow

Let's say it was not a brilliant idea to do that. Neither was it a splendid idea to turn the car in the meadow. Luckily a local farmer came for the rescue. And nearly crashed his tractor as well. After a few throwbacks they managed together to get the car out of its misery...

Local farmer and his tractor

Everything looks fine


Did Paddy learn anything from that experience? Who's to say...
However, Paddy's words of wisdom are: «The thing about Irish roads is that you'll never know what comes next after a hill or a bend. Just close your eyes, come and rely on the luck o' the Irish.»

Cow on the road


The soundtrack in the first part of this episode is from a band named Pigeons on the Gate. They are from from Winterthur and Bischofszell, started playing Irish traditional folk/rock in 2010 and listen to them live is just great craic!