Rally Strade del Vino 2014 - A Hole in One

Monday, 06 Oct 2014

Today is another special day in history of Team Paddy Murphy. The Team put a lot of effort into making their film about Strade del Vino 2014 and now time is coming to release it!

Rally Strade del Vino 2014 - A Hole in One
photo by Fredy Ott

As you might know (especially if you follow Paddy on Twitter *hint*), The team attended their first classic car rally ‐ and they won! There is a saying for that: «A Hole in One». Enough talk, please enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed the Rally!


Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

The thing about Irish roads is that you'll never know what comes next after a hill or a bend. Just close your eyes, come and rely on the luck o' the Irish.Paddy Murphy, 2012