Season Opening 2015

Wednesday, 04 Mar 2015

First of all, Paddy welcomes a new member to his car park, an Audi S3 third generation (8VS) nicknamed Red Baron. Furthermore Paddy improved his recording equipment considerably. Ever since Paddy has started using his GoPro Hero2, he is not impressed by its audio recording capabilities. The GoPro picks up too much wind noise and this overlaps most of a cars engine sound. So Paddy bought a Polar Pro Promic GoPro Microphone Kit to improve audio recordings.

Season Opening 2015

On a sunny day in February, Paddy went for a spin and an audio gadget field test. The Hulftegg Pass, a mountain pass between Zurich and St. Gallen, was chosen as test track. Paddy experimented with different microphone positions, once mounted right between the exhaust pipes and another time in a gab between front window and engine bonnet. The results were so impressive that Paddy decided to share them with you! So turn up your speakers and enjoy!


Paddy Murphy

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