S02E06 ‐ Nufenen & Klausen Pass


Published on 11 July 2012

Both mountain passes, Nufenen and Klausen, are favourites of Paddy. Even though these are two completely different to drive. Nufenen has a wide road, starts with long curves (from South) and has a few serpentines ‐ a nice road for a VW Scirocco. Klausen Pass, on the other hand, has narrow roads, it's hard to overtake and one has to take corner sharply. Sometimes Paddy wished he would own a four wheel drive to improve sharp acceleration after driving around a corner. There is debate about background music in this episode. Paddy experimented with classic music pieces and metal songs in the second part of the episode. Well, some like it ‐ others not so much.


Car: VW Scirocco
Country: Switzerland
Map: Nufenen, Klausen
License: CC-BY
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Intro: Paniq - Psy Rider
Song: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Dies Irae
Song: Modest Mussorgsky - The Great Gate Of Kiev
Song: Johann Sebastian Bach - Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring
Song: Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
Song: Antonio Vivaldi - Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Song: Modest Mussorgsky - Promenade
Song: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Lucy Fears The Morning Star
Song: Arcane Grail - Autumn Wed Us, Sinned And Lone
Song: At Vance - Solfeggietto
Song: At Vance - Chopin Etude No4 Opus
Song: Skylark - Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Song: MattRach - Amadeus Rock
Song: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Velevet Embracer
Song: Epia - The Last Crusade
Song: Neil Diamond - Home Before Dark
Outro: The Pogues - Dirty Old Town


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