TPM Night Flight Challenge Revisited

Sunday, 19 Jul 2020

Paddy didn't drive many mountain passes lately - but when he drives over passes, then 15 in a row. Paddy crossed 15 alpine passes within 11.5 hours and drove 700km through one night in June 2015. Now, 5 years later Paddy is older and wiser… and he‘s going to do the very same thing again!

Paddy drove the course of the TPM Night Flight Challenge, with a small change, because he turned once too early. After discussions between driver and navigator and number chrunching using GPS track data, the route is now defined as starting in Davos and finishing at the foot of the Klausen Pass in Linthal. A map of the route can be found in the article of June 2015. Besides the usual tweet when the pass was reached, Paddy shared the ride several times as a live stream with his Chilean cousin Patricios Murphy. It was brilliant.

PassHeight Above Sea Level
Flüela Pass2383mTweet
Reschen Pass / Passo Resia1507mTweet
Stelvio Pass / Stilfser Joch2757mTweet
Umbrail Pass2501mTweet
Fuorn Pass / Pass dal Fuorn2149mTweet
Albula Pass2315mTweet
Julier Pass / Pass dal Güglia2284mTweet
Maloja Pass1815mTweet
Splügen Pass / Passo dello Spluga2115mTweet
San Bernardino Pass2065mTweet
Nufenen Pass / Passo della Novena2478mTweet
Grimsel Pass2165mTweet
Susten Pass2224mTweet
Klausen Pass1952mTweet

Also this time there were few other madmen on the road. But the scenic picture was disturbed by countless campers on the side of the road and on parking lots. Paddy says that the night was meant to be a drive through and did not understand why someone could camp with many others at the same place. Paddy won the race against the sun on the Stelvio Pass for a second time:

Sunset on Stelvio Pass

The statistics of TPM Night Flight Challenge Revisited are:

Total Length:698km
Total Duration:11h 48min
Total Elevation Gain/Loss:18920m / 19692m
Elevation Range:252m - 2766m
Average Speed:59.15km/h
Consumption:10.3l per 100km

The usual "finisher" photo at the end of the Night Flight Challenge:

Klausen Pass

After a few hours of sleep Paddy has compared his current ride with the one 5 years ago. The times include breaks and refueling stops:

Davos (Start)18:00-18:15-
Flüela18:1515min 18:2813min
Norberthöhe19:1863min 19:2254min
Reschen19:235min 19:286min
Stelvio20:2562min 20:2052min
Umbrail20:349min 20:3616min
Fuorn21:0228min 21:0226min
Albula21:5149min 21:5149min
Julier22:5867min 23:0776min
Maloja23:2426min 23:3326min
Splügen00:3369min 00:3865min
San Bernardino01:0532min 01:1335min
Nufenen02:56111min 02:57104min
Grimsel03:3236min 03:3740min
Susten04:1846min 04:2952min
Klausen05:2668min 05:2556min
Linthal (Finish)05:4822min 05:4924min
Davos (Start)18:00-18:15-
Linthal (Finish)05:4822'05:4924'


Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

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