S03E04 ‐ Malin Beg


Published on 24 December 2012

This episode shows Paddy on his painful way to Malin Beg in Donegal County. Obstacles on the road like other drivers or sheep constantly slow him down, especially at Glengesh Pass, until he is stopped by a traffic jam at Glencolmcille Folk Village. This film contains additional recordings at night and they are so bad that Paddy never recorded night scenes with his GoPro Hero2 afterwards. The last minutes of this episode show scenes from Paddy in his natural habitat. All's well that ends well.


Car: Mazda 3
Country: Ireland
Map: -
License: CC-BY
Tags: | Ireland | Eire | Season 03 | S03 | S03E04 | Driving Irish roads again | Mazda 3 | Mazda | PMOT | Paddy Murphy On Tour |


Intro: Paniq - Psy Ryder
Song: Flogging Molly - The Sun Never Shines
Song: Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Song: Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies
Song: Flogging Molly - A Prayer For Me In Slience
Song: Ennio Morricone - As A Judgement
Song: Ennio Morricone - Farewell To Cheyenne
Song: Ennio Morricone - Finale
Song: Flogging Molly - May The Living Be Dead
Song: Flogging Molly - Saint And Sinners
Song: Flogging Molly - Salty Dog
Song: Flogging Molly - Sentimental Johnny
Song: Flogging Molly - The Cradle Of Humankind
Outro: The Pogues - Dirty Old Town


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