S03E01 ‐ Antrim Coast

S03E01 ‐ Antrim Coast

Published on 08 December 2012 ‐ Duration: 07:00

This seasons intro shows the road L1472 (R254) near Chur Hill in County Donegal. This particular road is famous for its trees, which tend to grow right into that road *cough*. Anyway, Paddy disproves four lessons about travel in Ireland: First, people in continental Europe often complain/joke about bad weather in Ireland. Well... Second, some say it's just not possible to drive fast on narrow roads. Third, there is always another driver going faster than you. Paddy tried very hard and drive more than two thousand kilometers on Irish (and Northern Irish) roads to disprove those myths. And last but not least, one should not watch out for animals on the road in Ireland, especially sheep. What could possibly go wrong?

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