TPM Night Flight Challenge - Alternative Route

Sunday, 16 Aug 2020

After the analysis of the last TPM Night Flight Paddy thought it would be a wise choice to replace "boring" passes with long transfer distances with other passes in Italy and Switzerland. So the route was modified and the passes Umbrail, Fuorn, Albula, and Julier were replaced. The newcomer passes were Foscagno, Eira, Livigno, and Bernina. Ambitious, but rubbish.

It rained on the stage between Stelvio and Foscagno, and on the whole stretch between Stelvio and Forcola di Livigno there was unusually heavy traffic. Unfortunately there were no like-minded riders, but rolling obstacles. Even on the stage to Stelvio Pass Paddy was delayed by several motorhomes. But the race against the sun was won by a narrow margin. In other words, this alternative route will not be taken a second time. Paddy will retire as the undefeated champion on these stages.

PassHeight Above Sea Level
Flüela Pass2383mTweet
Reschen Pass / Passo Resia1507mTweet
Stelvio Pass / Stilfser Joch2757mTweet
Foscagno Pass / Passo di Foscagno2291mTweet
Eira Pass / Passo d'Eira2211Tweet
Livigno Pass / Forcola di Livigno2315mTweet
Bernina Pass / Passo del Bernina2328mTweet
Maloja Pass1815mTweet
Splügen Pass / Passo dello Spluga2115mTweet
San Bernardino Pass2065mTweet
Nufenen Pass / Passo della Novena2478mTweet
Grimsel Pass2165mTweet
Susten Pass2224mTweet
Klausen Pass1952mTweet

By changing the route one thing was saved time. Which was also reflected in the fact that Paddy arrived everywhere "too early". Especially on the stage Maloja Pass to Splügen Pass this became noticeable. The route was well frequented and not with road users of the fast kind. At the finish after the Klausen Pass it was still dark night upon arrival.

Klausen Pass

The statistics of the alternative route of the TPM Night Flight Challenge are:

Total Length:651km
Total Duration:10h 13min
Total Elevation Gain/Loss:17346m / 18039m
Elevation Range:250m - 2772m
Average Speed:63.7km/h
Consumption:11.3l per 100km

Paddy could really enjoy the second part of the Night Flight. The Holy Trinity ride (Nufenen, Grimsel, and Susten) was great. Paddy succeeded in setting a new best time on some stages. The stage times include breaks and refueling stops:

Davos (Start)18:00--
Flüela18:1515 min 13min
Norberthöhe19:0853min 54min
Reschen19:146min 5min
Stelvio20:1359min 52min
Foscagno21:0249min -
Eira21:097min -
Livigno21:2819min -
Bernina21:3810min -
Maloja22:2749min -
Splügen23:3366min 65min
San Bernardino00:0229min 32min
Nufenen01:3492min 104min
Grimsel02:0127min 36min
Susten02:5150min 46min
Klausen03:5463min 56min
Linthal (Finish)04:1420min 22min
Davos (Start)18:00--
San Bernardino00:0229'32'
Linthal (Finish)04:1420'22'


Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

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