Team Paddy Murphy Wins the Strade Del Vino 2015 Rally

Monday, 01 Jun 2015

The first time Paddy drove his new car - a Ford Capri MK III 2.3 S - in a race, he emerged victorious as the winner of the Strade del Vino 2015 rally. This is his second victory in just as many years. It was an awesome experience once more. Beautiful landscapes, interesting routes and great food and drinks. Thanks to the Orga-Team of Strade del Vino for that!

Of course there will be a cool video by Paddy and lots of photos by the official photographer. Stay tuned, Paddy will tell you as soon as they are released!

Update (11-06-2015): Fredy Ott has released photos of Strade del Vino 2015 rally!

Ford Capri MK III - by Fredy Ott
photo by Fredy Ott

Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

Our shirts are green because the green behind our ears is still dripping down.Paddy Murphy, 2015