Julier Pass

S02E01 ‐ Julier & Maloja Pass

S02E01 ‐ Julier & Maloja Pass

Published on 23 May 2012 ‐ Duration: 08:17

The Julier and Maloja Passes are both open in winter because they are important links between valleys in Switzerland and Italy. However, that implies all sort of traffic uses those roads such as lorries or buses. And to make matters worse, the Maloja Pass has twisted and blind curves. So there is a good chance to meet a bus and a lorry in a curve without warning. Some say Paddy drives to fast ‐ but they are wrong. There is now proof to dismiss this false accusation once for all.

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Paddy Murphy

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The thing about Irish roads is that you'll never know what comes next after a hill or a bend. Just close your eyes, come and rely on the luck o' the Irish.Paddy Murphy, 2012