Team Paddy Murphy in √Čire

Friday, 31 Oct 2014

Team Paddy Murphy was driving Irish roads again. Today's drive was a masterpiece of navigation skills. Driver presents Navigator with a challenge: He should write something remarkable in a huge scale all over Ireland only using available roads. After a few hours worth of Guinness and some clever route planning, Navigator was finished with his plan. On the actual day, The team braved the Irish weather in all its forms and couldn't be stopped by road works on a major road (N52 to Delvin). See for youself on OpenStreetMap or download a KML file. The team was ambitious and for once not rubbish!

Team Paddy Murphy in √Čire

Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

The thing about Irish roads is that you'll never know what comes next after a hill or a bend. Just close your eyes, come and rely on the luck o' the Irish.Paddy Murphy, 2012