Paddy Returns


Published on 27 October 2013

Paddy gained experience from his last journeys and used one of the best cars in in automotive history past, present and future (a rental) for this trip. Good friends in Donegal told him that Crockalough Hill (Inishowen) is a nice place to visit, because there is a lovely lake and a radio station. But one needs a off-road vehicle to get there. Yeah sure - challenge accepted! As you can see from those pictures and afterwards in the film, Paddy was there. Paddy was (literally) on top ‐ but pride comes before the fall. A few days later, Paddy tried to avoid an obstacle (another car) on the road and therefore took a turn into a different road. What could possibly go wrong? After two or three kilometers, there was this huge pot hole in the middle of the road. Paddy tried to avoid hitting it ‐ the best car in automotive history past, present and future failed miserably to support him ‐ and then it happened...


Car: Renault Clio
Country: Ireland
Map: -
License: CC-BY
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Intro: Hans Zimmer - Honor Him
Song: Richard Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30
Song: Dropkick Murphys - The Boys Are Back
Song: Sir Reg - We'll Rise Again
Song: Epica - The Imperial March
Song: The Dubliners - Don't Give Up 'Til It's Over
Outro: The Pogues - Dirty Old Town


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