PMOT - The Beginning


Published on 29 July 2012

The saga of Paddy Murphy started on a rainy day in June 2010. Five lads drove on Irish roads, their equipment was non-professional and nobody knew nothing about HTML5 and video encoding at that time, even the source format was wmv (sic) ‐ ambitious but rubbish. Thanks to Sven for this film. A few years later, Paddy would know two things about video editing ‐ and both are wrong.


Car: Peugeot
Country: Ireland
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License: CC-BY
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Paddy Murphy

Team Paddy Murphy

The nicest thing an Irish said to me: You're Swiss? Ah Paddy, you're fecked! You're so done! Go change your name, call yerself Paddy Murphy!Paddy Murphy, 2012